AutoCAD and primtech: A Powerful Substation Design Solution

Now companies in the field of substation design, planning, and maintenance can rely on a fast and intelligent software tool to help them gain important efficiencies. Developed by entegra and in collaboration with Autodesk, state-of-the-art primtech leverages the power of AutoCAD with integrated applications that simplify the substation design process while eliminating routine tasks.

The result is a savings in both time and money. Tailored specifically to the needs of substation designers, primtech was created for optimum efficiency and ease of use. With a few simple mouse clicks, users can select components from a comprehensive, easily extendable library that includes high voltage equipment, supporting hardware, cable ducts, and pipes. They can then be placed as intelligent 3D objects on a voltagedependent grid.

An integrated project management system keeps track of all details and automates the creation of bills of materials in MS Excel or MS Access database. Documentation and plan views are created at the push of a button. With an emphasis on ease of use, primtech gives project managers the ability to get a detailed project overview to help them make better decisions faster.

As a result of the unique capabilities of primtech, Autodesk named entegra an Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner for substation design in Europe in 2010. grid.

Preferred Industry Partner Relationship

Autodesk is committed to providing the most comprehensive design solutions in the industry. Autodesk has built strong relationships with global software innovators who are leading the way in developing tailored solutions for Autodesk’s customers. The Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner program helps customers find companies, with best in class applications and services, for their specific design software needs.

Preferred Industry Partner Products are built on Autodesk application programming interfaces (APIs) and meet rigorous functional, performance and quality guidelines. Autodesk works closely with its Preferred Industry Partners to combine the resources, ideas, and creative thinking of these trailblazing companies, keeping Autodesk products and solutions on the leading edge of performance and value.

About Autodesk

A world leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, Autodesk enables customer innovation by delivering the broadest product portfolio for the digital design, visualization, and simulation of real-world project performance.

From architecture, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities to telecommunications, video games, television, and film, Autodesk customers are leading the 2D and 3D design world by improving their design processes through increased efficiency and productivity. By enhancing collaboration and communication and digitally improving the real-world performance of projects before they are built, Autodesk customers are solving their business challenges, avoiding costly rework, accelerating project cycles and time to market, and ultimately gaining competitive advantage.

About entegra

entegra, founded in 1991, is a recognized leader in substation design software to the energy distribution industry and its suppliers. The primtech solution helps customers simplify, automate and improve the design, configuration, calculation, and construction of electrical substations. As a longtime Autodesk Partner, entegra is committed to delivering unique solutions with AutoCAD, Autodesk Navisworks and Autodesk Inventor.

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